Home Buyers Inspection

A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual assessment of your property, including its heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical work, water and sewage, along with some fire and safety issues. The inspector will also look for evidence of insect, water or fire damage and any other issue that may affect the property’s value.

Pre-listing inspection

This will focuses on proper functionality of all major systems and components of the house. It is a full inspection without a report. It is for the seller to better understand the condition of their home prior to the buyer’s inspection.

Rental Property Inspection

A rental property inspection will check the home from roof to basement to insure the house is ready for the next tenant. This will help you know if any damage on the property was pre-existing or caused by your renter.

Multi -unit Inspection

The main goal of every property inspection is to confirm that the property is indeed a good, solid purchase. A multi-unit inspection includes roofs, mechanical, foundation and unit inspection. The price is based on number of units.

Electrical Inspection

This type of inspection provides a comprehensive review and checkup of the electrical connections and wiring installed in the home. I have been in the electrical industry for thirty-five years and will be able to answer your questions more thoroughly than most home inspectors. *Call for quote

Virtual Home Tour

A virtual home tour allows prospective buyers a chance to view a home before moving forward. This can reveal the condition of the home that may have not have been seen in the pictures

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